" Graphita Z " St.Hubertushoeve

Coloured/Grey, Filly , Size / Born 31.05.2010.

Pedigree Info :

" Graffiti " v.d.Worfthoeve s. Cicero Z v.Paemel x Samber.

Cicero Z v.Carthago Z

Quickfeuer v.Koekshof v.Heartbreaker

Graphita's grandsire "Cicero Z van Paemel " is at the beginning of a wonderfull International
Carreer with Dirk Demeersman.

Graphita' s Grand-Sire Quickfeuer v.Koekshof is a Wellknown Son of the legendary Heartbreaker.
After a short but succesfull National Jumping Carreer
he now is even so famous with the results of his offspring !
In the third generation you notice the worldknown Stallion " Ramiro Z " !
On the base we have the famous Hannovarians Sudan XX, Frustra II and Der Loewe XX.
Wich provide this Line with a high dose off XX blood.
This dam Line is known as Hannover Stamm 247.

s.Cicero Z v.Paemel Carthago Z
Rendez-Vous v. Paemel s.Randel Z
Natalie Samber
Jolinda s.Bergerac
m. "Waleisa" v.h. Zillenhof.

Quickfeuer v.Koekshof

Feuergold v.GoldSchlager Z

Ramiro Z

Spitzdame v.Spitzbube